Friday, October 20, 2006 name is Annie

So the events that played out the other day, pulled themselves together eventually in the end. The contractor had a family emergancy, but he's working on the sites today, tomorrow and sunday to get caught up. THANK GOD!!!

Remember my friend K, the special one? Well somehow she talked me into doing speed dating last night. WHAT A F'IN JOKE. I did not like it one bit!! The men if not strange in personality then then they were strange looking. I got the creeps with this one guy Daniel, or so he said that was his name, he kept referring back the movie Star Wars. That to me is a little bit strange!

K seemed to have a great time, this is her type of thing after all. I think she does speed dating once a month or something. Why? Yeah, I don't know either.

I have learned 3 valuable lessons and they are: 1. Never do speed dating again, 2. Never let someone talk me into doing speed dating again, and 3. Shoot myself before I do speed dating again.

I'm home for the evening, yes, that in itself is sad. It is Friday night in NYC, and I have shit to do. FUN FUN. Shelly and her man are in Conneticut for the weekend, some romantic get away, sound fun, wish I was her!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Taking one crappy minute at a time...

This day has been the fucking bloody day from hell. I don't know what it is, but I want to go back home curl back into bed with the covers over my head. Everything that could fall apart did or will eventually do so.

One of the contractors did not show up at one of the sites today, and this is the job that needs to be done first, we actually have people sitting and waiting on us to get it done to start the bidding process. This is NOT good, so I tried to round him up, and I coudn't reach him at his office, cell phone, or home phone numbers. It's like he vanished in thin air. I left messages at all three numbers that was 9:00 this morning, it is now 2:40 pm, has he contacted me back yet? Fuck no.

Excuse my langauge, I have a bit of a tongue on me when I'm angry, it helps me feel better.

So I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to figure out what the fuck to do. I finally called Paul, my boss, and started blubbering all of this to him. He is such a nice man, he kept saying "Annie it's okay, everything will work itself out. I'm sure there is some reason why he did not show up today" I kept saying, he's ran off with 1/2 our money for his job that is NOT even started yet. Paul said "Annie calm down, give him until tomorrow and see if maybe something just went wrong today. I'm sure that is what it is." I calmed down enough to start hiccuping in his ear. "Annie, just go to lunch. Then come back to the office." I said *Hiccup* "Okay, how long of a lunch?" he told me and hour or whatever it would take to calm the fuck down.

So I went to Twins Deli I have never been there but it was just down the street from where I was currently at. I had a meatball sub, it was alright, not the best I've had, and a hot tea. BUT, as I was eating my meatball sub, one of the meatballs fell out of the bread and landed right on my boob, I'm wearing a white hoodie. GREAT. So now all afternoon I get to walk around Manhattan with a speghetti stain on my right boob. Not like there aren't already enough people who don't stare at them already.

So that has been my day so far. I want the hell to end, please someone make it all stop!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More about me

I truly was a little vague on the whole about me thing. So I decided since I'm not going anywhere today I would take the time and actually tell you more about me. This should be fun.

For starters as I stated I am in my late 20's and I live in New York City, and I have a really great job as Junior Partner at a Real Estate firm, I LOVE my job. Course there are not so good perks but that comes with any job for anyone, doesn't it?

I've lived here in the city for almost 5 years, I originaly came to New York to persue an acting career, HAH, that was a no go from the first audition I went on. I stuck it out for 6 months, and then I thought I was a lost cause, but I one day I opened up the newspaper and saw the firm that I am with was hiring for a administrative assistant, I had a BA in business so I thought what the hell. I applied for the job and I got it, well no shit shirlock, it took me almost 5 years to work up the administrative ladder, and no surprisingly I did not sleep my way to the top, HAH.

In my younger years I grew up in a small town in Georgia, very remote, and nothing to do. They had 1 movie theatre and 1 gas station and 1 stop light, it was OOOOHHHH so boring. To everyone's surprise I was not a wild teen, I was somewhat a loner and a nerd, I know shocking! I was very sheltered in my life, yes I had 4 older sisters, so I knew all about the sex and the drama that comes with it, lol, but non-the-less I was sheltered. My mother and father were strick Catholics, and we went to church 3 times a week. By the time I graduated high school I had my fill of church and all that it offers, ick!

I was an A/B student all through my school years, and I did not get my first boyfriend until my freshman year in college. SHOCKER, again. I was a gangly teen as some people would say. Taller than most girls in my class. I had the natural blonde syndrome, still do, wore glasses and had braces, yeah I was a big joke in high school.

My sisters god bless them, were the most beautiful creatures known to our town. Boys flocked over them, but never with me, I they kind ran from me, lol. Back to my sisters, my oldest sister by ten years got into a heap of trouble with her looks. She came up pregnant at the age of 16, oh boy, my father flipped his lid. She was forced to marry the no good bastard that is now her ex husband and in prison (more on that later). So here was my sister at the age of 17 with a husband and a kid, and a father that looked down upon her and frankly he still does, I feel for my sister. But we all learned from her mistake, which I guess was good. She's remarried now, and has a wonderful husband and 2 more children, I love my niece and nephews all of them!

I guess I need to go into more detail on the whole BIG family part, well I really don't, but I'm gonna, so hush it, yes I'm a little pushy.

My mother and father married when they were young, I believe my mother was 17 and my father was 19. No my mother was not pregnant when they married, but both my parents came from very old fashion ways, where it was okay to get married at a young age. My mother never finished high school, and my father worked at a flour mill, he still does actually. My mother had my oldest sister Courtney when she was 19, and yes Courtney has the "first born" syndrome. My parents originally had only planned on having 4 children, well UM OOPS. My other sister, Johanna was born almost 1 year to the day after Courtney, their birthdays are just days apart. Amanda was born about 2 years later, and then Stephanie was about 1 year after that. So in a span of 5 years my mother had 4 children all 5 years and under. God I feel for her now!!! 1968,1969,1971,1972. YIKES.

They all lived happily as one big family, the family my parents had always wanted. So they lived their lives without worry, until my mother fell deathly ill. She was so sick for months, she couldn't figure out why. So she finally went to the doctor, and the cause of her illness, little me. She was never sick 1 time with the 4 previous pregnancies, I was special. They have claimed that ever since she found out that she was "accidentally" pregnant with me, I'm the special one. HAH. Then six years later another accident happened, my baby brother, Brent, you all can say ahhhh, it's allowed! Oh boy was he ever dad's little man, still is, he looks just like my father!

Okay, enough on that. I went to the University of Georgia and majored in Business Management. I found myself at College, the self that I am today. I grew out of my shell, which sometimes has been a bad bad ordeal, more on that later, this is a happy post. I had many boyfriends, and some um, one night ones. I found the partying me, within that mass of ugliness, and I bloomed those four years.

Moving away from the family was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I knew to do what I wanted (at the time acting) I couldn't be stuck back in Georgia in nowhereville. So that's how I landed here.

I live in an apartment that my company owns, and my roommate Shelly and I split the rent. She's a character in herself. She is everything I was taught while growing up to hate, to despise, to not associate with. She is a Wiccan, she is awesome, granted I was a little scared of her when we first met as friends, but once we new each other she is the most compassionate and caring person I have ever known. My parents don't like her, as they think her religion will spread over to me. I keep telling them that it won't, and I don't have a religion anymore, which is uspetting to them as well, but I'm old enough to do what I damn well please, screw anyone else and what they think. Anyways, I met her on an audition, needless to say she isn't persuing an acting career either, she's a teacher now.

Well that's enough for now, I probably better load the dishwater and take the trash out, you normal house stuff.

A Quick note..

UPDATE: After I typed this, the boss man called, and said that it was to soggy at the sites and there would be no contractors out to them today, which means VACATION DAY FOR ME!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!

Well I'm getting around, slowly, but I AM getting around, damnit! I did not want to crawl out of my nice warm and cozy bed this morning, but unfortuniatly I had to. I am due out at the job sites before 11:30 this morning. That's the perk of having this job, I don't have to get around and be at work at 8 in the morning like most other people, sorry to brag, I get to go when ever I have appointments set up!! WOOHOOO!!!

Sitting here watching the Today show, hmmm, I'm not so sure about Merideth, I mean I like her a hell of alot better than Katie, but I still don't know. I kinda like that Ann Curry chick the best. The Today show is my source of news and happenings here in this country and abroad. If I don't get to watch the Today show, I'm lost throughout the day. It's a sad ordeal really, but I have no other time to read newspapers and I absolutley do not like evening news coverage, plus I'm never home at that time to watch it anyways.

Well I better continue to get around, so I'm not late, and Hopefully will miss the crowd at Starbucks this morning, I don't want a repeat like yesterday, that was AWFUL.

Monday, October 16, 2006

At home finally

My friend S called right before I was leaving from the office and asked to meet up with her and our other friend K for dinner. I said sure before I asked where, you SHOULD always ask where, never say yes until you know EXACTLY where, there is. Me being the retarded one, yes you heard me, retarded, sometimes I swear I'm not the brightest crayon in the box. She said okay cool we are in Soho. OMG, that's TOTALLY out of my way from both the office and home. I told her cool I'd be there in about thirty. Hailing a taxi was unbelieveable with the commuters blocking the traffic on their routes home, but I finally got one. I tell him the address to the driver, and I believe made it within that 30 minute time span, how that happened I have no idea.

I meet up with them at an Italian restaurant that is fairly new called AMA, which I was not expecting, thankfully I didn't look to under dressed. Everything was fine other than my shoes, but I doubt the other patrons at the eating establishment noticed, or a least I hope. We ate and talked. S is going through some tuff times with her soon to be ex husband, and K well she's just special and we will leave it at that. We ate our food and parted our own ways, and yet again, I had to hail another stupid ass taxi. To commute the almost 45 minute drive back down to Park Avenue to my apartment. The meal and the taxi rides cost me 100 bucks for this day. That's one thin I hate about the city life, its so expensive to go out and do anything.

I was met by Gus the door man, he tipped his hat again and said "Good Evening Miss Tateman" I said good evening back. As I mentioned he's a wonder elderly man. I pushed the button to go up to my apartment which was on the 20th floor, I was fortunate enough to share the little space with a man who obiviously has never hear of anit-persperant (sp?), I about gagged all the way up. Finally on my floor I walked down the hall to my apartment door. I entered and the place was pitch black, which means that Shelly wasn't home yet from her day, she's a teacher, but it's not unusual for her to be out late, she does have a life, meaning she has a steady boyfriend, where I do not, but hey that's okay!

I get inside and feed our 2 cats Mr. Wiggles, and Miss Kitty, they were about to eat the couch I think, you'd think that we never feed the stupid animals! They are so over dramatic, it's ridiculous really.

I sat down and flipped on the channel to watch something meaninful on tv, and well that led me here, there was nothing on tv.

I don't know what I'm actually supposed to really put on this stupid thing, I don't even know if this was freaking blog worthy, lol. I'm just learning, but so far, I have met a couple of awesome people that I can see :) Makes me happy.

Tomorrow will be a busy day which will be mostly spent at the job site, or should I say sites. There is not way I'll be tricked into going to Soho for dinner again that's for damn sure! I'll probably take chinese take out and spend the evening with the kitties, hopefully Shelly and her boyfriend, who is the hottest thing I've ever saw, will not make the evening to Icky, sure I like sex, but doesn't mean I like to hear other people having it, especially when it's in my own house, and I'm not the one involved, lol!!!!

It's pretty chilly here around 55 degrees, and I'm curled up with the lap top under my electric throw and a hot mug of chamomile tea, with two cats purring their freakin heads off, but that is usually how I spend my Monday nights. Well I'm sure to post more tomorrow, if and when I find the time. I was lucky today I was able to use my lap top wireless in the cabs to post what I did earlier today, but tomorrow no such luck. Pooey!

Whatcha gonna do?

There are perks to living in New York City, and then there are the down falls to living here. One of the down falls are the snubby ass jerk offs that think that the whole world owes them every damn thing. I ABSOLUTELY dispise those type of people.

I got a slow start on the beginning of my day today, I had to be in the office by 10:30 this morning, and then out to the site by 11:30 this morning. The site is absolutely to far from the office, GRRR, to meet with the tile guy and the painters. Oh I didn't tell you what I did for a living did I? Sorry I work for a real estate company that does Flips for profit, I'm basically the Project Manager for each project, and we have 3 of them going on right now. I'M CRAZY BUSY! ANYWAYS. My roommate Shelly, forgot to yell at me to get up when she left for her work this morning, thanks A LOT!!!

So, I got up and around, nothing fancy to wear, hell I'll be getting dirty at the job site anyways, a Pair of nice jeans, and a long sleeved sweater, and a light jacket, and sneakers. Grabed my purse and headed out of the apartment. My apartment is located on Park Avenue, and I always walk down to the Starbucks south of my apartment complex. The door man tipped his hat, and held the door for me "'Mornin` Miss Tatman." He's such a nice elderly man. I told him thank you for holding the door open, and headed down to starbucks.

I was in line forever and a day, I swear I turned 30 by the time I was the 2nd person in line. I was in line behind this FROOFROO, that's what Shelly and I call the "High and Mighty" people. The perfume she was gag worthy, God, that shit stunk! She was making a fuss because someone didn't put enough Goddamn Foam in her "FROOFROO" coffee. OMFG Lady. I wanted to scream SHUT THE FUCK UP LADY, TAKE YOUR SHIT COFFEE AND GET OUT OF MY DAMN WAY. But course I didn't I just stood there and started sighing. She turned around and had the odosiety to say "Excuse me do you have a problem?" Wrong thing to do Missy! Wrong Thing to do. I looked at my watch, I have exactly 20 minutes to get to the office, and I looked up at her here is how the conversation went.

Me: Yes as matter of fact I do have a problem
Her: Oh yes, what is that?
Me: Bitches like you taking their sweet time, because they didn't get the damn foam that they asked for.
Her: Huh Well..
Me: Well nothing lady, there are people in this line who actually HAVE jobs that they need to go to, and people like you are the thorn in our asses.
Her: Well I never...
Me: Well me either! Please pay for your coffee and move would be greatly appreciated not by me but by the others.

She just huffed off without paying for her coffee. I shrugged my shoulders and I pointed at the waitress. "What's that?" She said "Carmel Latte Extra Foam" and I looked at her. "Well there's foam in it." I didn't have time to wait "I'll take it" and I paid for my coffee and off on my Happy way I went.

I don't care if I did make a complete ass out of myself, I can't stand bitches like that, who relies on their mommy and daddy's money to get them by in life. NOPE, not me mister. I work hard for what I make in a month, and by damned if a waitress is going to get shit from some rich snobby bitch, poor waitress!

A little about me...

Well, for starters, I'm in my late twenties, and I am ahh a female. God, I'd hope I am a female if not I am one sick male and my parents would be sick for naming their son Annie. I am single, but right now I'm enjoying the single life, living it up lets just say.
My likes are as follows and in the order as written.
Men, sex, family, friends,writing, dancing, clubs, drinking, working out, cheese (any type thank you), music, books, movies, television, cats, dogs, babies, and much more I could go on all day.
My dislikes are as follows:
Spiders, mice, rats (or any rodent of any type) snakes, stuck up people, celeberties, men who are hot and KNOW IT, and of course much more than this, don't want to bore you with senseless details.

I have a disorder that you all may have heard about, it's called OCD, and yes I have been properly diagnosed with that disorder. It drives me up the wall to have it, but I don't like the medicine they give me to control it, it makes me feel wierd, okay, I know I'm a little wierd already, but this medicine makes me feel 100 percent wierder (hmm...don't think that's an actual word).

I grew up in the south, I miss the south. That's where my mother and father currently reside. But the town I grew up in didn't offer much for the working girl I am so after college I moved North East to find better opportunities for myself.

I have a large family, I am 1 of six children, i can hear you say "GOOD GRIEF", yeah it was insane growing up, but I love that I come from a big family. I'm the second to the youngest. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother, my poor baby brother, how we tortured him so.

I do not have any children, but one day I would like to have one, but that day seems FAR off in the future.

I enjoy being myself and exploring my options, when it comes with men. As I stated I love men and I love sex. WOOHOO for both.

As you can probably already tell, I don't hold much back when I'm writing, or even talking. I have the tendacy to go a little to the extreme and way to much into details, but that's me, take it or leave it.

Well that's just the Jiff of me. I'm a character, as my friends seem to tell me. But I hope as to not offend any of you, and that you will find my posts some what funny or interesting or something. Thanks again for stopping by!!!