Monday, October 16, 2006

At home finally

My friend S called right before I was leaving from the office and asked to meet up with her and our other friend K for dinner. I said sure before I asked where, you SHOULD always ask where, never say yes until you know EXACTLY where, there is. Me being the retarded one, yes you heard me, retarded, sometimes I swear I'm not the brightest crayon in the box. She said okay cool we are in Soho. OMG, that's TOTALLY out of my way from both the office and home. I told her cool I'd be there in about thirty. Hailing a taxi was unbelieveable with the commuters blocking the traffic on their routes home, but I finally got one. I tell him the address to the driver, and I believe made it within that 30 minute time span, how that happened I have no idea.

I meet up with them at an Italian restaurant that is fairly new called AMA, which I was not expecting, thankfully I didn't look to under dressed. Everything was fine other than my shoes, but I doubt the other patrons at the eating establishment noticed, or a least I hope. We ate and talked. S is going through some tuff times with her soon to be ex husband, and K well she's just special and we will leave it at that. We ate our food and parted our own ways, and yet again, I had to hail another stupid ass taxi. To commute the almost 45 minute drive back down to Park Avenue to my apartment. The meal and the taxi rides cost me 100 bucks for this day. That's one thin I hate about the city life, its so expensive to go out and do anything.

I was met by Gus the door man, he tipped his hat again and said "Good Evening Miss Tateman" I said good evening back. As I mentioned he's a wonder elderly man. I pushed the button to go up to my apartment which was on the 20th floor, I was fortunate enough to share the little space with a man who obiviously has never hear of anit-persperant (sp?), I about gagged all the way up. Finally on my floor I walked down the hall to my apartment door. I entered and the place was pitch black, which means that Shelly wasn't home yet from her day, she's a teacher, but it's not unusual for her to be out late, she does have a life, meaning she has a steady boyfriend, where I do not, but hey that's okay!

I get inside and feed our 2 cats Mr. Wiggles, and Miss Kitty, they were about to eat the couch I think, you'd think that we never feed the stupid animals! They are so over dramatic, it's ridiculous really.

I sat down and flipped on the channel to watch something meaninful on tv, and well that led me here, there was nothing on tv.

I don't know what I'm actually supposed to really put on this stupid thing, I don't even know if this was freaking blog worthy, lol. I'm just learning, but so far, I have met a couple of awesome people that I can see :) Makes me happy.

Tomorrow will be a busy day which will be mostly spent at the job site, or should I say sites. There is not way I'll be tricked into going to Soho for dinner again that's for damn sure! I'll probably take chinese take out and spend the evening with the kitties, hopefully Shelly and her boyfriend, who is the hottest thing I've ever saw, will not make the evening to Icky, sure I like sex, but doesn't mean I like to hear other people having it, especially when it's in my own house, and I'm not the one involved, lol!!!!

It's pretty chilly here around 55 degrees, and I'm curled up with the lap top under my electric throw and a hot mug of chamomile tea, with two cats purring their freakin heads off, but that is usually how I spend my Monday nights. Well I'm sure to post more tomorrow, if and when I find the time. I was lucky today I was able to use my lap top wireless in the cabs to post what I did earlier today, but tomorrow no such luck. Pooey!


Blogger brian said...

Anything you write will be blog fodder. :)

Blogging is awsome when you get rolling, even better than sex. ;)

11:02 PM  
Blogger BarnGoddess said...

better than sex? nahhhhh, I disagree! but a close second :)

wow! your life is so totally different than my own, I like reading about it. I have been to NY once on a flight lay over and that was it. Id love to visit it again.

Thnx for stopping by the res, you are always welcome there!

10:52 AM  

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