Monday, October 16, 2006

Whatcha gonna do?

There are perks to living in New York City, and then there are the down falls to living here. One of the down falls are the snubby ass jerk offs that think that the whole world owes them every damn thing. I ABSOLUTELY dispise those type of people.

I got a slow start on the beginning of my day today, I had to be in the office by 10:30 this morning, and then out to the site by 11:30 this morning. The site is absolutely to far from the office, GRRR, to meet with the tile guy and the painters. Oh I didn't tell you what I did for a living did I? Sorry I work for a real estate company that does Flips for profit, I'm basically the Project Manager for each project, and we have 3 of them going on right now. I'M CRAZY BUSY! ANYWAYS. My roommate Shelly, forgot to yell at me to get up when she left for her work this morning, thanks A LOT!!!

So, I got up and around, nothing fancy to wear, hell I'll be getting dirty at the job site anyways, a Pair of nice jeans, and a long sleeved sweater, and a light jacket, and sneakers. Grabed my purse and headed out of the apartment. My apartment is located on Park Avenue, and I always walk down to the Starbucks south of my apartment complex. The door man tipped his hat, and held the door for me "'Mornin` Miss Tatman." He's such a nice elderly man. I told him thank you for holding the door open, and headed down to starbucks.

I was in line forever and a day, I swear I turned 30 by the time I was the 2nd person in line. I was in line behind this FROOFROO, that's what Shelly and I call the "High and Mighty" people. The perfume she was gag worthy, God, that shit stunk! She was making a fuss because someone didn't put enough Goddamn Foam in her "FROOFROO" coffee. OMFG Lady. I wanted to scream SHUT THE FUCK UP LADY, TAKE YOUR SHIT COFFEE AND GET OUT OF MY DAMN WAY. But course I didn't I just stood there and started sighing. She turned around and had the odosiety to say "Excuse me do you have a problem?" Wrong thing to do Missy! Wrong Thing to do. I looked at my watch, I have exactly 20 minutes to get to the office, and I looked up at her here is how the conversation went.

Me: Yes as matter of fact I do have a problem
Her: Oh yes, what is that?
Me: Bitches like you taking their sweet time, because they didn't get the damn foam that they asked for.
Her: Huh Well..
Me: Well nothing lady, there are people in this line who actually HAVE jobs that they need to go to, and people like you are the thorn in our asses.
Her: Well I never...
Me: Well me either! Please pay for your coffee and move would be greatly appreciated not by me but by the others.

She just huffed off without paying for her coffee. I shrugged my shoulders and I pointed at the waitress. "What's that?" She said "Carmel Latte Extra Foam" and I looked at her. "Well there's foam in it." I didn't have time to wait "I'll take it" and I paid for my coffee and off on my Happy way I went.

I don't care if I did make a complete ass out of myself, I can't stand bitches like that, who relies on their mommy and daddy's money to get them by in life. NOPE, not me mister. I work hard for what I make in a month, and by damned if a waitress is going to get shit from some rich snobby bitch, poor waitress!


Blogger butterfly_chic26 said...

I don't know if i could handle living in New York City. I would probably freak the heck out and run, but having a door man seems cool!!!

5:10 PM  
Blogger brian said...

Hi there Miss Tatman. Very nice too meet you. I read your comments at BC's place and I thought I'd come on over. If you want to join the crew at my blogs, I'll love too have you. You sound like you would fit right in over at Dewy Knicker's place, (that's me) I'm a man who writes as a woman. :)

My wife and I moved down to Florida 7 years ago from Conn. I used to work for Rite Aid and worked a lot in The City. Don't miss it for a second.

Very nice to meet you and I am going to add you to my blogroll.

5:22 PM  
Blogger brian said...

I forgot to mention, Butterfly_chic26 is also a member of The Fresh Knickers Club over at Dewy's place

5:26 PM  
Blogger brian said...

Sorry, it's me again. Did I mention that I have three blogs? Brian goes back to the other two.

I am laughing at your two posts so far, because I love your style.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Just saw your comments on butterfly chics and came on over.

Tehn I saw the real estate aspect and thought I would enjoy reading future posts...

I used to work in Property Managment...and as I am on to a 2nd career...wondering if I made a mistake leaving it...

8:59 PM  

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